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By Dana - 23 Mar 2012

In Reference to: 18 March 2012 - Why Should People Abstain From Flesh Foods?

Hi guys,

I agree with the concept that God wants repentance from within- changed hearts. Yes, obedience is better than sacrifice.

What I don't see is your statement 'it is clearly seen that Gods intent was not to have any death or eating of animals'- what of the escape from Egypt, when the Israelites were commanded to put blood on the doorposts so the angel of death would pass by, also they had to eat the lamb? What of the whole tabernacle set up that required sacrifice and blood offering? Finally, what of Jesus, the ultimate sacrificial death? I do not understand this, except to wonder if perhaps the sacredness and value of life and its loss as a result of sin could not be fully realized til it was taken away? and are you saying, then, with the Hebrew Bible comments, that the validity of the Bible, as we know it, up until Ezra, is questionable?

It does seem clear that Gods original and best intent was no death/shedding of blood. But once sin came into the world, things changed. This is where it gets murky for me. I do not feel that I have the right, as a mere mortal, to make the Bible say what I want it to say, just because I do not understand it. So far, that is where it feels like we are going, if we definitively state that God did not require sacrifice.

I really appreciate you dialoguing with me about this, thanks so much-