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Our Sermon Section
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 1 Apr 2012

In Reference to: 18 March 2012 - Why Should People Abstain From Flesh Foods?

Dear Dana:

Thanks for writing back.

Most of the embellishments in the Bible are with translation, which are often done for political reasons. Yes, they had the same problems way back then. As an example, the translation of the Hebrew term, neh-fesh khah-yaw, in the KJV of Genesis 2:7 is "living soul", but when that same term is used for animals such as when God created the animals in Genesis 1, it is translated as "living creature". God clearly wanted us to understand that all animals and humans were created with souls and spirits, but because humans were exploiting and eating the animals, this fact was deliberately hidden from the general public.

There are some other embellishments in the form of scribal additions. Many of these are footnoted in some translation, but others are not.

Just because something is in the Bible, doesn't mean that we are to follow it. We are to learn from people's evil ways, that we aren't to do them. Why do you believe that the sacrificial system ended? It's not because of Jesus, alone, because the Jews also stopped. It's because the people finally realized that God always desired obedience and true repentance, and would faithfully forgive us. This Jesus also taught.

These are just some the reasons that we keep returning to following God's creation and heavenly will, because it avoids most of the "pot holes" you seem to be stumbling over.

We hope this helps, and we look forward to hearing back from you.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary