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Our Sermon Section
By Nina - 18 Apr 2012

In Reference to: 15 April 2012 - Unconditional Love Angers Religious Leaders

It is all overwhelmingly confusing.   I see excellent humans who still may eat a fish while not eating the other creatures,  however I may see a vegan or vegetarian who perhaps is a ego manic, who hurts others feelings.   I believe of course in animal rights for all animals, I believe in human rights,  however there is more cruelty among the human race than in the animal species therefore I consider myself mostly an animal rights activist working for the voiceless. 

There are lies,  great hypocrisies,  falsities',  greed,  so much corruption,  and tragic insensitivities to our animals of the world,  so I continue searching for balance,  all in moderation,  fine ethics, good values,  human kind has a long way to go to better this corrupt, cruel world.  Humans today are indeed killing our one and only precious planet.  Over population of humans is something not talked about,  it is a crisis at this very moment and must be addressed.  Too many people destroying all life.