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Our Sermon Section
By Noelene - 2 Jul 2012

In Reference to: 1 July 2012 - Lord, Help Us End the Corruption of Your Creation

Thank you, Frank.

So the corruption, which started when man turned away from the provisions God gave us – as channelled through the writer of Genesis – resulted in man becoming  focused upon the physical body and its tastes, and his lower nature took over;  fear entered him; and coarseness.

I’m ‘feeling-for’ the link between that state, which is already heartless cruelty to God’s creatures; and the actual deliberate harming of live animals. (By the way, notice the churches never place meat upon the Harvest Festival Tables of Produce! That should give them a sign...)

I’m asking what leads on from eating dead animals, to the atrocious cruelty towards live creatures, surely the most heartrending visible sign of corruption.

When, to the already stifled, blinded conscience, is added emotions like frustration, envy, desperation, feeling very misunderstood, lack of healthy outlets, etc. (not suggesting that those are any excuse), then one of God’s precious, innocent animals – because it is physically ‘weaker’ than the perpetrator and can’t defend itself -  becomes a target for his anger. Also, of course, there’s the heedless or deliberate exploiting and harming of animals by industries/corporations etc. in their obscene lust for high profits...

So tragic.

God clear the minds and hearts of humanity.

Can we do anything?

Just imagine the Lord Jesus  here on Earth today.  I wonder if He would say, (or is this just my thought!), ‘One thing you can do is to find a way of sharing the world’s goods so that those who are starving have enough. Because unprincipled ones among them who are desperate are venting their anger, not only on those who have more, but especially upon helpless creatures.’

And this applies everywhere – among our local communities and the ‘disenfranchised’ young, and older – if they feel aggrieved, deprived (whether justified or not); and at war with society; taking it out on the nearest unprotected being – an animal.