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Our Sermon Section
By Daisy - 22 Jul 2012

In Reference to: 22 July 2012 - From Mourning to Positive Action

Hello everyone,

Pastor Frank -Thank you so much for your wonderful sermon today.

I so wish I could go to a church this morning that was not filled with bloodshed.

I long to be part of a worship center but each church I visit is the same - pastors inviting the flock to stay for the pot pie, church goers enthusiastically chatting about the animal roasting in their oven at home. I Hear These Words Spoken, coming all around me...at me, and I am feeling dreadful and angry and uncomfortable - and so I quickly exit. I am in a den of hypocrites. I am also ashamed. Of them. And of myself. Why don't I speak out?

Since I know that God grieves for the animals even more than I do, why am I so fearful and timid in their presence? Why are we, as advocates for God and His creation, so silent in our little corners, so beaten back into hopelessness against the very people who should Know Better? Forgive me (everyone in this group who loves their church) but I feel that the One Place I cannot speak out for animals is precisely a church because the reaction by the so-called godly is more than I can stand - and because of this, I feel the church is the last place I can go to feel God's love or peace. I feel such wrong-doing, pretense, greed, and evil that I am the first person out the door and as the pastor shakes my hand and invites me back, I want to say "But Who Are You??? Preaching the love of God with blood on your lips? No, I will not be back." As I simply smile and Remain Quiet, I am ashamed to be the coward that I am.

Pastor Frank, what is this positive action we should take and how do we stand up to the church? Why are we so afraid? How can we be so silent as a billion of our brothers and sisters die so gruesomely in those horrific slaughterhouses? These are questions I frequently ask myself. Why is there so much Fear to question the church powers? Is the devil at play here to silence us? I think so.

Also, there must be men and women of faith who will preach truth and love in small churches in every city in the country so people like me can have a resting place, and also as an example for other churches to follow? Where are these knowledgeable faith-driven people and their churches? Or, if not a church, their home.    

There are six hundred million of us on this earth in varying degrees of vegetarianism.... and we have no place to go? How can this be?

Last month I reached the 4000 mark for handing out vegan outreach brochures. I seem to be able to give them to strangers but unable to speak the truth directly to people. I must figure out why.

I would love any advice.

With love and gratitude for this group,