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By Daisy 26 Jul 2012

In Reference to: 22 July 2012 - From Mourning to Positive Action

Dear Pastor Frank,

I keep going back to your letter.

I love what you said about love casting out fear, and love being the opposite of fear. Yes, my fear of those who are indifferent/callous towards the animals suffering is stronger than my love for animals....and yet, how can that be?? .....because I Really Do love them and I am torn with pain and pity and sorrow for all they endure.

I want to have God's perfect love and I am willing. How do I approach people? Where am I failing?

I do have this fear of speaking out for the animals and it is easier for me to give out brochures than to stop and talk to people. I do sincerely believe the brochures are very important because the receiver now holds the information in their hands and they are often quite shocked by it, but I would like to know how to approach people and not back down - be kind and intelligent but stand my ground.

Truth is, I want to Shout Out the truth - but I can't. It has been 40 years of Talking about the rights of animals by countless numbers of advocates, many of whom burn out and give up, and yet, they still die by the billions. We can Talk About It Forever and they will suffer and die forever - because we are so silent. I understand that it took 200 years to free the slaves in America, etc. etc. - that the arc of justice is long etc. etc.- but animals are being slaughtered in increasing numbers and the killing machinery is not slowing down. It is getting faster. I believe that until we lose our fear and become brave, we will never end their suffering.

I totally agree that we can talk on these lists and find some comfort for Ourselves - but we are not comforting the animals with our chitchat. They are suffering and dying for no reason.

I believe that I do have a problem with being confrontational for several reasons:

1) I want to be comfortable around friends.

2) I am afraid that I will say something in an angry tone of voice because I Cannot Believe that people would rather take the life of an innocent terrified animal than eat vegetarian food. I cannot imagine these hearts of stone. I am sickened with excuses of "it tastes good" or "everybody does it". I wish everyone who eats animals would have to go to the slaughterhouse and pick out the animal who has to die for their lunch - point him or her out to be slaughtered - or better yet, kill their victim themselves. It should be mandatory.

I want to ask "What part of Thou Shall Not Kill do you not understand?"

More than anything, I am amazed at the Fear that I have inside of me - the fear that holds me back from speaking the truth to every person I know or meet. If my child whom I love, was torn from my arms to be murdered, nothing could keep me quiet. Why do meat-eaters keep me quiet? How do people who pay others to murder an animal for their steak dinner while making jokes about how juicy it is, intimidate me - as though I were doing something wrong, when I know with all my heart and soul that it is They who are the wrong-doers? I know many advocates and they stay silent also. They are good people, strong people, people who Know they are correct in their belief that animals deserve Life - not a short miserable pain-racked life followed by a hideous death - and We All feel helpless to speak out and save them.

How is this Even Possible? This silence of ours? I don't think we are all cowards? What is this power, this evil, that quiets us and how do we overcome

With love,