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Our Sermon Section
By Barbara - 2 Aug 2012

In Reference to: 29 July 2012 - They Will Hammer Their Swords into Plowshares

Rev. Hoffman,

First of all, I make it a habit to read your sermons every week.

For the most part I can agree with you on the violence that is going on today, esp. with the animals and that's where it starts.  I do not agree with gun control simply because when the good give up their weapons only the bad will have weapons. They will use these against us. The devil may not be here yet, but his spirit lives amongst us.

There's also a passage of sending the perpetrators on to God so he can deal with them. In the case of an act of violence on my own self and family, I would gladly protect them to send the perpetrator to God.

I have been a vegetarian for 10 years plus and try hard to teach others of the harm in the killing of animals.  I believe that the aggressive people who mistreat animals (the voiceless) will not stop there and go on to the helpless (the children and the elderly).  THIS is my main reason for my vegetarian ways.  You have to stop this behavior at the start of it.

People are forever telling me that we were given permission to eat animals by God and I have to stop them there and say that it was never meant to be the way it is today.  Popular demand and money being the bottom line. All is done for convenience sake.  We have truly forgotten all caring for the animals killed.  We turn a blind eye or deaf ear to hearing it because we 'like the taste of meat'.  Some reason.

In all the e-mails, pamphlets sent, words said and 'take actions' etc.  I have nearly lost my sanity in this quest to make people believe.  I have decided that only by turning down animal products and living as good a life as I can will I be able to win them over. When your own body rebels with ailments and anger towards 'the cause', I feel that I lose out in many ways. 

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as this is a battle in my soul.