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Our Sermon Section
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 20 Aug 2012

In Reference to: Our Sermons in General

Dear Barb:

Thank you very much for telling us about your sister’s comments. Have you referred her to our recipe section: http://www.all-creatures.org/recipes.html  We also appreciate your encouraging comments.

We have always found that the most effective way to get our position across is to interject our comments into their conversations, our include them in ours. In similar ways, we have found that it is easier to get a letter to the editor published when you respond to a recent article in which we can show how what was already in the paper relates to some animal rights or vegan issue.

Kirk suffers with the same problems that plague the world. They live in fear instead of love. And remember that it is perfect love that overcomes fear.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary