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Our Sermon Section
By Saba - 26 Aug 2012

In Reference to: 26 August 2012 - Hardness of Heart in the Churches

I agree with you 100% James. As you indicated Jesus, the living and ruling King was a vegan, for God's honor and he loves the good animals as much as the Good Shepherd loves us, his servants, all to God's honor.

The hardness comes from the heartlessness, mindlessness and soullessness of sinners.  But to those God has given true hearts, to love with can do nothing else but to express the love toward the life giver and fellow creatures.  The false representatives of the Churches do not know the Lord as much as they should yet and because of that they misguide the congregations as well. 

For  example not to long ago I went to Church of England and the usher told me in that Church the present Elizabeth of England is seen as the head of that Church instead of the living and ruling King Jesus.  Of course I was shocked to hear that, for no Christian Church can possibly claim to have a human being as its head except the anointed Messiah. For to be the head of the State, the head of a Church, a head a family....etc. requires that you be God and the Lord shares not God's honors with stupid humanity.