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Our Sermon Section
By Joyce - 10 Sep 2012

In Reference to: 9 September 2012 - Working for Peace for All Creation

Hey Barb,

Nice to hear all that from you.  I'm old now (76) and have 3 degrees in psychology including Ph.D., and after all those years of experiences, I would really bet that most meat-eating people (the ones who are mostly in their "right" minds), do not think at all that they are hard hearted.  They probably do not think at all about the meat they buy come from sensible animals.  It takes a lot of awareness to realize such things, and I don't think most have that awareness.  They believe they are nice, warm-hearted people.  I had the motivation to share healthy eating knowledge with those suffering from a disease related to bad diet.  I finally realized that most "bad eaters" really don't want to be informed about the relationship between their diet and their diseases.  I don't think they think about those things either, nor do they want to!!  I've come to the conclusion that most people nowadays are "sheepels" who have a hard time thinking independently, in cause-and-effect relationships, and who appear to lack substantial self-insight in a lot of different areas, not only regarding animals. 

In short, they are not using the brains God gave them very well, and are too unmotivated (lazy?) to even try.  I guess it is obvious that my opinion of most humans has slipped a bunch to the negative.  I don't believe such people feel at all guilty, even deep down.  Even feeling guilty takes self-awareness.