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Our Sermon Section
By Mike Shaw - 5 Nov 2012

In Reference to: 4 November 2012 - Halloween Versus God’s Heavenly Will

I have to totally disagree with you, Frank... 

I love Hallowe'en and it is a very special religious event for me and my family.  Now, before I say why this is so, let me remind you and everyone else, that when I was a teenager, other teens stole my family cat and set it on fire, on Hallowe'en Night and so, I know how things can go wrong on that night but so too at Christmas.  Many people become depressed at Christmas time and some commit suicide thus, any kind of Holiday or Religious event can have its problems.

Hallowe'en is my favourite holiday or religious event.  I was soooo pleasantly surprised when I met my current wife, a long time believer, former superintendent of the largest Sunday school, at the time, in our city, also felt this way.  A Methodist through and through who lives more like a Christian Quaker, my wife shares my love of Hallowe’en.  The whole time between Hallowe'en and Remembrance Day is all about remembering the dead.  And, Hallowe'en is the best part. 

Hallowe'en is a great time to have generational interaction, in the neighbourhood.  Neighbours, who do not usually get out to talk to each other, are all out, shelling out candy or walking their kids; giving all a chance to meet each other and catch up on each others lives.  I find Hallowe'en to be the best day/night for neighbourhood gatherings - I know of no other event that does this.

Most of the costumes I saw this year, were Batman and Robin, Angels and Fairies, Snow White.... Yes, I saw Witches (one of my favourites) as well but unfortunately, no devils; I love the devils.  Devils help keep our social and cultural ideas alive in a time when many people no longer believe in such things.

And, YES, Frank.... Hallowe'en DID give me a "warm Godly feeling".  It always has and always will.

I could have also talked about how I disagreed with the Bible passages you quoted but that would take me into too much typing.... and, today, I am too busy and have to get off to my day.

With respect,