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Our Sermon Section
By Mike Shaw - 6 Nov 2012

In Reference to: 4 November 2012 - Halloween Versus God’s Heavenly Will

Both you and Elaine... Contrary to what you have implied, that Hallowe'en is something dark --- Hallowe'en is actualy a totally Christian event.  Yes, some misguided fundamentalist and charismatic type Christians have, over the years, attempted and suceeded, by the sounds of you two, Bernie and Frank, in convincing, those who do not know, into believing that Hallowe'en has something to do with Satanism or the Devil and hence, according to some Christians, again, only those who are not educated in the history of this holiday, see Hallowe'en linked to the dark side.

The whole period, from Hallowe'en to Remembrance day is dedicated to the dead, those who have gone before us.  None of this has anything to do with slasher movies or anything like it.

Christians, including many Christian clergy, need to educate themselves about the truth of Hallowe'en.  Hallowe'en is part of All Saints Day and also linked to Remembrance Day.  All of these events are Christian; I repeat, ALL  of these events are Christian holidays and Hallowe'en happens to be a fun part of it and helps bring children into understanding the holiday time period.

take care,