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By Craig Cline - 2 Jan 2013

In Reference to: 30 December 2012 - What Are Our New Year’s Resolutions?

Very nice sermon, Frank.  

I especially liked the mention of Genesis1:29-31 in conjunction with the so-called "food animals."  I do wish that God was way more active in keeping all His other creatures away from the hands and mouths of His human ones.  It appears that the great majority of God's human creatures want to conveniently overlook or otherwise ignore these passages in Genesis.  

I really appreciate the fact that you intend to "ramp up" this issue, along the lines of the "pushy vegan" article that I previously commented on.

We need a world full of "pushy Christians" who will loudly, and constantly, and wherever they may be, speak the gospel that says:  the Golden Rule was intended by God to apply to ALL of His creatures, and not just His human ones.  This form of gospel seems to me to be especially appropriate given the fact that such an application of the universally understood and for the most part, universally accepted, Golden Rule would have beneficial consequences for 3 of God's most important creations:  His humans (their personal health), His animals (their health and very lives), and His Earth (the health of the environment).  The proverbial win-win-win!
Craig Cline