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Our Sermon Section
By Craig Cline - 2 Jan 2013

In Reference to: 30 December 2012 - What Are Our New Year’s Resolutions?

Dear Frank,
I applaud your keeping up your ""  I have been asking Christians the "Right, Wrongs, and the Golden Rule" question for some years now, and with each passing year, I become more frustrated by the effort.  

Please don't take this the wrong way, but I am getting weary of "effort," "hope," and "discussion" about the "right" way for humans to apply the Golden Rule.  What I want to be a part of is ACTION;  action for change that is made to take hold, and moves (especially) humans who are religious in the "right" direction on this incredibly important topic.  

For that reason, I guess I am going to respectfully pass on the opportunity to be on the veg-Christian e-mail discussion group and e-newsletter lists.  I am already on a lot of lists, and can't take the time to join more, unless and until they are REALLY doing something beyond effort, hope, and discussion.  

I simply cannot understand why Christians won't look each other in the eye, and ask each other: "WHY are we continuing, by an overwhelming majority, to do violence unto billions of our fellow creatures, and WHY will we not finally change that un-Christianlike behavior to be in concert with the principle that underlies our highly respected and adopted "Golden Rule"?  

Christians don't really need to hear from another person like me.  They do need to finally answer the above question; they have been dancing around it for thousands of years.  I am not interested in dancing anymore.