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By Sarah - 7 Jan 2013

In Reference to: 6 January 2013 - Where Was Jesus Born?

Dear Frank and Mary (I don't know which of you it was that replied)
Thank you so very much for taking the trouble to reply. I have come across some weird ideas in the Christian Vegetarian group so I hadn't taken the trouble to read your sermon offerings, but when I read yesterday's sermon I realized that you are people whose beliefs are founded on the truth. That's wonderful, because you are also vegans.
I have been giving some thought to this today. Yes, you are right. I have always been very fearful, I find it hard to trust other people and also I'm obsessively perfectionist, so I think you summed me up quite well! You have made me think again about what God wants of me, and I realize I've been assuming it's giving things up and doing things I don't want to and it may not be those at all. Probably the biggest thing I have to give up is lack of trust (I think my husband would also agree!), and it's also had to love someone you don't trust, though I don't know how to even begin on this. I find the idea of His waiting for me with open arms very helpful, because it cuts through my over-analytical way of thinking and it conflicts with my rather negative image of Him.
I came across Proverbs 2 the other day, and it seems to be relevant and also helpful. I think I somehow need to make another go of this without some of the preconceived ideas I have about God.
With best wishes