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Our Sermon Section
By Ellie - 24 Mar 2013

In Reference to: 24 March 2013 - Where is the True Jesus Christ?

Thank you Frank for today's wonderful sermon.

Yes it is all true but not totally obvious from scripture as it is in our modern bibles. I believe that truth and compassion has to come from a revelation of God's Spirit as we seek Him in compassion and truth. Mine was a long hard road of searching my beliefs and of losing faith because of animal sacrifice in scripture  and only coming back to faith through Jesus revealing Himself to a spiritualist medium that I belonged to Him.

We need to have compassion for one another as well. Jesus last prayer for us was that we would be one. We pray that the church will come to a place of compassion for animals and each other.

Every blessing to you in what you do for the animals and for the encouragement we have in you.

Ellie x