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By Scott - 31 Mar 2013

In Reference to: 13 April 2008 - When Is a Church Not a Church?


I hope all is going well.

I am still struggling with some of the ideas you bring up in some of the sermons you have in the archive.  I was reading one that you had done back in April of 2008, where you state..

"If a person is poor in spirit, they have allowed the Holy Spirit to guide them, and have suppressed their own will and spirit; and for this they will be blessed with the kingdom of heaven.

And since nowhere in the Bible is cruelty to animals ever sanctioned, it is clearly God's will that animals be treated kindly.

When animals are tortured and killed for food and other human lusts, the sensitive people of this world mourn for them and abstain from contributing to such pain and suffering."

Maybe I am just missing the point, so I was hoping you might clarify.  If you are referring to the "cruelty of animals" as we have today with the commercial-farms of the day, then I am in full agreement that I do not believe God would sanction that, However, it's seems pretty clear in the Bible that God gave instructions to the priest to sacrifice animals "which seems pretty cruel to the animal in my opinion".  There are also the instances when the they were going into the promise land that God instructed the people to kill everything and everybody (example-Joshua 8:18-26 and Joshua 11:6), so how is it that it is not sanctioned by God, when it says, "you shall hamstring their horses and burn their chariots with fire"?

I firmly believe in what I hear Christ saying in the New Testament, but I have a hard time reconciling that with the God of the Old Testament and if God and Jesus are one... something seems to be amiss.

Any insights would be appreciated.