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Our Sermon Section
By Joyce Klakken - 26 May 2013

In Reference to: 26 May 2013 - The Ruler of this World

To Frank or anyone,

My next door Mormon neighbor family bought 4 young sheep.  The mom (seems like a real nice person) took the initiative to start a 4H group at the local grange up here on Five Mile Prairie, and has 9 families signed up.  The sheep are for a 4H project.  The kids take care of the sheep, even keeping records on how much it costs to feed them, etc.  The idea is to show them at the fair this fall.  My concern is, does anyone know about 4H?  Isn't it a youth organization to teach kids how to care for and raise animals?  If so, isn't the end result slaughter for all the ones people eat?  Wasn't 4H for kids headed for a farming life? 

I find it just too hard to attend church when animals are not truly and really INCLUDED in concerns.  Can't stand it when it is just all about people!!  God Bless you all.  Does anyone have experience with 4H?  Maybe it is all innocent and a good thing.  I'm not sure. 


Joyce Klakken, Spokane