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Our Sermon Section
By Susan - 20 Jun 2013

In Reference to: 16 June 2013 - Judge Not but Discern Much

I sent this sermon to an Iowa friend.

She responded thus:
Interesting that you should send me this [sermon by Rev. Hoffman] today of all days.
I just got finished reading the Algona [Iowa] paper.
Last week, another hog confinement was approved for construction and today I read where two more requests have been presented.
It is literally hog hell in Iowa. I read where the guy who got the first approval says that he lives nearby his OTHER animal prisons and doesn’t notice any smell. Right.
We drove west through Iowa last weekend on our way to Brookings, SD, to visit with some college friends. Western Iowa has even more of these places than we do and the whole area smells terrible. Imagine what the animals inside endure – their sense of smell is much more developed than ours is.
I got an animal rights magazine this week which featured a poem excerpted from With the Eyes of Love, by Christa Blanke. The article is titled, “THE DIGNITY OF THE DOOMED.” Ms. Blanke heads up Animals’ Angels (, an international group whose mission is to observe, document and expose the suffering of animals killed for food. She has written this new book which chronicles her more than 15 years of bearing witness to pigs’, cows’, chickens’ and other animals’ last moments on Earth.
When I first started to read it, I had to stop and run to God for help. I could not bear it and He helped me. He sent me help through some emails and through calming thoughts of love and caring. I think I am going to make copies of this and send them to the county board of supervisors and let them see just what it is that they so casually support. Please pray for this endeavor – just a brief entreaty to God that this can somehow bear fruit.
Sometimes, I really, really dislike most people because of their callousness towards animals and others too. It is amazing, the love of our God, that He can love us at all. His is a love that we will never be able to understand or comprehend in this life. I am just so thankful that I know Jesus as my Savior and that, through Him, I am forgiven. I could not do this life without God, no doubt about it.
I thank God for friends like you, and for people like Rev. Hoffman. Yes, I would love for you to forward my email to Rev. Hoffman. Tell him that his prayers would be so very welcome and appreciated.