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Our Sermon Section
By George - 30 Jun 2013

In Reference to: 30 June 2013 - Keep Going in Hope

Hi Frank ---

Thanks for the inspiring message.

I am especially thankful for a sentence near the beginning; " However, what keeps us going is that we see some small positive changes, and we keep going in hope." Several weeks ago I encountered 3 such small hopeful signs within a few days. The first was at the annual salad luncheon put on by the UMW at the church my wife and I attend. Last year there were only 3 vegan salads. This year at least half of the salads were vegan.

A few days latter another member of the congregation, who had previously told us of trying a vegan diet for a while but quitting after a few months,  told us that she was not only trying again, but also had made a presentation to a cooperative extension home economics group about the benefits of a totally plant diet. The presentation was based on information provided by the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service.

A few days after that, I was having a street-corner conversation with our pastor about an article I had submitted for our church newsletter, based on a PCRM report concerning the correlation between a totally plant diet and reduced risk of dementia.

I was about to move on when he surprised me by suggesting my wife and I should organize a vegan information group using the church facility for meetings. We have no idea of how to undertake such a project. Any suggestions  would be greatly appreciated.  We have until early September to come up with something.---