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By Karolin - 12 Aug 2013

In Reference to: 11 August 2013 - Do Not Worry

Hi Frank and Mary,
Thanks for your sermon...."Do Not Worry"
I enjoyed it and as always, I learned something. I am a worry wart by nature but my worries have lessen since we have been talking and since I realize that God loves me and that I need to try my best to live in his image. Notice, I said "try my best....:)....."
Every morning when I go to work I pray and say "God...please be there with Eini and take care of him until I get home"
When I "started" to say the very same thing today, while getting in my car to go to work,  a voice entered my mind saying...... "Don't Worry"
I started laughing and said out loud....."I know, I know..." 
I hope you are having a nice evening and thanks again for your wonderful sermons and for everything that I am learning from you.

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