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By Sam - 16 Aug 2013

In Reference to: 11 August 2013 - Do Not Worry

Dear Frank,
I hope everything is well with you.
Thank you for your sermon and I always look forward to reading it.
I am encouraged from your sermon every time, but the latest sermon, "Do Not Worry" is just amazing and an unbelievable gift for me!

Actually the sermon was delivered to me RIGHT AFTER I was fired by a company I used work for almost five years.
I was shocked with the discharge, but I was thinking to quit this job in the very near future, because I could not focus enough into my service as a music ministry on Sunday and my desire for the activities for veganism and animal rights (it was almost like a 24/7 job...).
As always, a change comes suddenly, but I believe God has a plan and I am glad that now is the time.
To be honest, I was a little worried about not having a job and money for living the next month.

But, your sermon encouraged me SO MUCH and like Jesus said, "God knows that you need them" Yes, it's true!!
Now, I am so glad that I could focus more into my service as a music ministry on Sundays and the activities for veganism and animal rights!
They are NOT for money and NOT my job, but are my service, dedication, and mission.
Thank you again for your beautiful and powerful sermon.
And I look forward to seeing you someday in the near future.
God bless you.

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