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By Mary - 1 Dec 2013

In Reference to: 1 December 2013 - Jesus’ Second Coming…Are We Ready?

Hello Frank,

Just got through reading the Sermon for today and it was so moving I was crying.  You really know how to reach people and put things in perspective so well.  

Some people think that animals don't matter but they are God's creation and He would not have put them in the Ark to be saved if they meant nothing so I am thankful and you, me and countless others did not partake in the horrific selfishness, especially on Thanksgiving, to eat a tortured bird.  I feel so good about that.  

Thank you for all you do and the one thing you certainly excel at is putting complicated matters in such a simple way of understanding that even people that are confused by all the different views thrust upon people re God can understand your Sermons.  You were given such a gift which you already know you have as you have helped so many people.


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