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By Mary - 8 Dec 2013

In Reference to: 8 December 2013 Second Coming Promises Are We Helping?

Hi Frank,

Read your sermon this morning and was so disheartened as all of us are at the poll taken with only 7 percent having any kind of compassion at all for animals..living creation made by God.  So where does this leave us???  I know these people have totally psychologically damaged me and I'm sure many more.

I will never understand the longest day I live how anybody could hurt anything that feels pain and see them cry out and see the fear in their eyes knowing they are captives by "man" and have no respect or dignity and treated like yesterday's garbage.  

I have had it Frank.  Enough is enough.  I have tried the best I can with letters, donations, everything but the more I see the sicker I get with all the steakhouses, cooking shows, advertising...all to do with the slaughter of animals to serve their flesh.  I just feel we are losing the battle  and wonder when our death will come because I certainly do not want to live in such a horrible, cruel world.  

Sorry for being so negative but I have really tried to be compassionate to these horrible people but cannot find it in my heart to do so.  To kill an innocent animal to me is inexcusable.


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