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By Joyce - 18 Feb 2014

In Reference to: 16 February 2014 - Killing Animals is Murder of the Innocent


I sure agree with your sermon, and that you do not think every word in the Bible is directly the word of God, as many Christian groups do. 

One example really bugs me.  Here is Moses, having coming down from Mt. Horeb carrying the very ten commandment tablets given to Him by the creator of the universe, and the (to me) immature guy actually has a temper tantrum and smashes those precious tablets on the ground, not having the maturity to hang on to them and proceed to deal in a rational, mature way with his wayward calf worshiping Hebrews. 

Then, after bringing those tablets down which say Thou shale not kill, he claimed God told him to have 3000 killed, which they proceeded to do.  Genocide. 

I read somewhere that it was traditional in those days for leaders to claim God told them to do some horrendous thing, so the people wouldn't get mad and blame the leader!!      

To me, that story doesn't make a lot of sense in ways!! 


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