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By Joyce - 19 Feb 2014

In Reference to: 16 February 2014 - Killing Animals is Murder of the Innocent

Thanks for liking my analysis of the Moses story.  Beats me!!  Does it make sense that almighty God would send down a commandment "Do Not Kill," and then almost immediately order Moses to tell the Hebrews to kill 3000?  The wayward idol worshipers needed much correction and training and maturity, for sure, but was capital punishment the answer from a supposedly merciful God?  I don't think so!  Hasn't anyone else, through the centuries, seen the nonsensicalness of the story besides me? 

My daughter, who is a "super Christian" along with her husband, is very excited that I am writing, and wants me to tell people to love their animals.  Now that she has her own adorable terrier mix, brother to my Lucy, and is "swacked" over him, she sees how precious and intelligent animals are.  Having Linus has made the crucial difference in her mind and heart.  Now, she needs to realize that she needs to stop eatng animals, as they are meat eaters.  Otherwise, she is a very nice, responsible first grade teacher, who works herself to death trying to do a good job.     

Have a great day!!!   Will write the article on "learning from our animals" very soon.  It's easy, because I know what I am going to say. 

Lol,  Joyce

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