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By Marcela - 2 Sep 2014

In Reference to: 31 August 2014 - Ministry Calling from God for All of Us

This is such a good word, most of the traditional churches would be scandalize for sermons like this, I am happy you are not afraid to give these messages.

It is so right to say "we are not to respect what is evil". Often when I talk about vegetarianism or veganism some people feel attacked (no matter how kind you try to be) just because they don't want to change their ways, and they tell me "you have to respect my point of view", I tell them "your point of view is torturing animals, is giving them a miserable life and a lot of suffering, what is to respect about that?", and "don't you think your point of view is disrespecting another lives?"

Even those who support the war use the same argument and I give them similar answer.


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