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By Michele Mitchell - 3 Dec 2014

In Reference to: 30 November 2014 - Second Coming Advent of Jesus Christ

Dear Brother Frank,

Thank you for the advent sermon. That you described the rapture is nice. There is something else though, that is surely wonderful. We need to ask to be born to Our Heavenly Father, the Good Father, who has the good heavens. More about this is in “The Essene Gospels of Peace”.

Another point that would be good for a  sermon is to remind us to not believe in the ‘murderer from the beginning’ and some of those old testament scriptures are not understood rightly—to this day India knows how to ‘dress your bull’, but it happens to not be a slaughter. Yes, spiritual dressing for various creatures is possible. Any way, we are not supposed to believe in the killing and burnt [cremation or dinner] offerings texts in ways that bring death to any one.

Still, I do think that there is more to the Nazarene Code in The Book of Numbers, it is for men and women, to be separate and holy, and the Greek translation for that is ‘Pala’ which also means wonderful. It is more than Vatican Guard Pumpkin Britches, And more than Mr. Potato in meaning, but still, they are not supposed to come upon the carcasses, not to eat them, or vine foods. I think it is why Our Lord Christ Jesus is called the Nazarene –it was the code the sect followed, it was not about just a village name.

I think that much can be achieved with asking others to have a diet that is not based on violence.

Thank you for all you and Mrs. Hoffman do to help others.

About Me - I am working in the Georgia area, getting some organic trees and gardening done, helping the little cats and dog have some vegan, and Nazarene –Genesis One. It is a plain life of solitude, and I am working to be able to help others for Christ told us to share with others his gospel.  I do some home based activism, and writing some at wordpress.

I would like to have a cooperative faith based endeavor, working with others, to help with sanctuary, growing trees, to have a healthy lifestyle that does help others-similar to a Christian Kibbutz Cooperative and no-kill sanctuary. Lord willing. I will try to do what is helpful.

Thank you once again,

Blessings to You All and The Angels,

Sister Michele Mitchell

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