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By Steven - 14 May 2015

In Reference to: 10 May 2015 - Unconditional Love and Mother’s Day

Dear Frank and Mary,

I enjoy reading your sermons.

A thought struck me which I decided to suggest to you.

I wonder how many of those following your sermons have considered buying (If they can afford it) organic milk, cheese and butter, thereby not supporting the cruel practice of overstressing cows by giving them steroids in huge quantities.

Farmers have increased a cow’s natural milk production by 30 – 50% by doing this.

There also may be health implications for us if we drink this milk as it may contain steroids or antibiotics given to factory farmed cows.

By supporting organic farming we are also helping to protect the environment because artificial fertilisers are not used on organic farms.

Maybe you could suggest it in one of your sermons.

I attend a Krishna Temple which has an organic farm and a dairy farm with working cows also. All the cows are milked by hand.

The cows are eventually retired and live out their lives being loved and cared for. Children are encouraged to stroke the cows and care and respect all living creatures.

Best wishes to you.


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