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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 29 Jun 2015

In Reference to: 28 June 2015 - Jesus Please Stop Animal Suffering

Hi Dana:

It nice to hear from you again.

We'll do our best to answer your questions?

You seem to have the answers to the sacrificial system. When Abram (Abraham) was called by God, he brought the sacrificial system with him, which is reflected in his sacrifices to God, which God seems to have "accepted". But, when God accepted Abraham as being righteous simply because he believed in Him (Genesis 15:6), God did so without sacrifice or the shedding of blood; however, Abraham was not yet willing to accept this Grace of God without sacrifice. This is a problem with Abraham and not God. God desires faith and obedience, and even repentance, without sacrifice. Bible scholars have determined that most, if not all of the formal sacrificial system in the Bible was added by the priestly writers who returned from Babylon in the 500-400 BC era and codified the Bible. We hope this helps.

From your description, your daughter does seem to be angry with God, most likely because of what is written in the Bible, and that God has not intervened to put an end to all forms of animal suffering and exploitation. We are hearing a lot more of this in recent days.

What is happening with your "Christian" friends is nothing new, and more and more we are believing that they really know the truth, but don't want to face it, because they love the status quo of this corrupt world and want to eat their pound of flesh with their flesh eating friends.

We also believe that you should speak out about your feelings, and not even based upon Bible passages, because trading Bible passages really gets nowhere. Stick to the compassion issues, and even ask these people why they don't eat their companion animals.

And yes, we'd very much like to chat with you, your daughter, and any others. Plese send us your telephone number and/or skype handle.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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