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By Robert Rutherford - 9 Jul 2015

In Reference to: 4 May 2014 - Heavenly Raised Physical Bodies Have Physical and Spiritual Qualities

Dear Ones,

In reference to your sermons about Christ eating fish, I would like to add some comments about the research I've done concerning this topic.

If you read the Dead Sea Scrolls, which I believe God allowed to be found in these end times to bring back truths that were lost over the long 2,000 years since Ch, when he insisted on still eating flesh, as he was very stubborn then.

He eventually saw the error of his ways, and became a vegetarian as well.  Then why did Yeshua eat those fish?  Turn to the Book of Enoch, where the answer lies.

The Fallen Angels, and Satan, originally introduced the eating of flesh into the world.  Of course, God said in Genesis, that animals, and humans were to eat plant foods.

Satan, and his evil crew, immediately began experimenting with the genetics of this Creation and began to create the human-hybrids seen on the walls of pyramids.  Half humans, and half animals creatures.  

The Book of Jasher also mentions them, which the apostles referred to, "Isn't it written in the Book of Jasher?"  The Apostles, and the early church, accepted the two books as being from God.  (Book of Enoch, Book of Jasher)

Satan also, after the Keys to Creation were given to him, after Adam fell, became the god of this world. He took the Keys to Creation from Adam, and now had the right to pollute it as he wanted.  There were no spiders, ants, scorpions, insects, poisonous creatures, or plants, alligators, sharks in the oceans, etc. in the Garden of Eden.  Did not God declare His Creation, "Good?" when He finished it?  All of those things were created by Satan, and the Fallen Angels, and introduced into this perfect Creation to pollute, and destroy the good in it.  

How many innocent people, and children, and animals die each year from venomous, and deadly creatures?

The one key difference between Satan's mutated creations, and God's, was that Satan could not create souls inside of his mutants.  That is why Yeshua ate the fish. They were not of His Creation, but Satan's, and did not have souls.  It isn't an excuse to eat what are accepted by all, as  being a part of the animal creation, but an example that they are not God's.  They are soulless, and without emotions.  Animal go to Heaven at their physical death.  There are no spiders, scorpions, insects, or such in Heaven.  do people think there are?  

I've never seen a pet snake come when it was called, because it has no soul.  It will cling to it's owner because it is attracted to the warmth of their bodies, not because they "love their humans." Grown to a large enough size, snakes will eat any small humans they find in the house.   The only fish that have souls from God's Creation are tropical fish, and the mammal in the oceans.  It is clear that Dolphins, and Whales are intelligent creatures, with feelings, and a social life.   They love their children, and have family groups they live in.  The fish the apostles caught, and ate, were not from this creation, therefore Yeshua ate them.

Noah was a hunter, and a huge flesh eater, and after the flood, he wanted to continue to eat the flesh of animals.  God gave into him, but gave the dictate that no one should eat the blood of the animal, because their "life" was in their blood.  Even a kosher butcher will tell you that pressing the blood out of kosher meat still doesn't get out every last speck of blood.  Therefore, it was a kind of test for Noah, and others.  Since there is no 100% way to get rid of all the blood out of the flesh, then how could Noah, or anyone else eat it and remain pure?  Do Christians today pay attention to this stipulation, not to eat the blood?  Of course, not.  Everyone who eats animals eat their blood, still lurking within the flesh.

Because God was now going to allow the eating of flesh, without the blood of the animal in it, he put "Enmity," between the animal kingdom and humanity, to protect the animals by making them fear humans, as well they should if they are going to murder them for food.

God expects us to study His word to show ourselves approved to God, and men.  We are expected to piece together the whole story from all parts of Scriptures to get a full picture, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who leads us into all truths.

Yeshua was a vegetarian all His life, as were His family, and the apostles.  In the early days of the church, in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Paul and James fought over the eating of flesh, often, and it wasn't until much later that Paul repented and became a vegetarian.  The King James scholars knew about the early writings that told about being vegetarian, but left those passages out.  They put in Paul's early writings to justify their eating of meat, and a country that loved its mutton!

I'm sure God judged them for this after they left this world.  Tuna fish, shrimp, oysters, scallops, etcs. do not have souls.  Have you ever seen a soul in the eyes of a Great White Shark?  They're lifeless.

The Bible says in the end times the world will become as it was in the Days of Noah.  They performed genetic experiments on humans, and animals to create, "Monsters," and are scientists today, not doing the same thing?  They are beginning to experiments with gene splicing, putting human DNA with animal DNA in their hidden labs.

Just another sign we are in the Days of Noah.  Hope this is of interest to you, or someone else.  It does explain why Yeshua was never mentioned eating animals, but only the fish that were not part of God's Creation.

P.S.  There were no small snakes in the Garden of Eden.  There were only two, the male snake Eve spoke to, which had Satan inhabiting it, and its female mate.  Satan created all the hideous poisonous snakes in the world today,  Satan had made a deal with the King Cobra, the snake in the Garden, that if he allowed Satan to use his body, Satan would make him a god.  He fell for it, and that is where all the Snake Worship came from over the ages.  It was the keeping of the promise to the snake to make it a god, that men would worship.


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