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By Janine - 28 Sep 2015

In Reference to: 30 August 2015 - Heavenly Love Fulfills Our Faith

Dear Frank,

So happy to get your response, and YES it's exactly the right quotes!!! Isaiah Ch. 11 : verses 6 to 10. 

Will hurry to respond also to your previous message, Frank, might have another question, or two...

... Yes, am very excited about us being connected just in time, again... Oh, and I do, naturally, understand that it's prophecy indicates that the time shall come when the wolf shall lie down with the lamb (peacefully) not needing to tear it to bits as were its previous inclination and nature, since it will become spiritually emancipated from violence and predatory behavior, correct?

You're right that this shall come to pass, when, and only when we obey G-d's commandments, though, and yes, that's precisely the point!!! How else could we possibly see our way clear to being like the Compassionate One Blessed be He who is hoping for us to realize the vegan way of living is a blessing, anything else is cursed!!! To get closer to G-d's ways, and gain spiritually, and Divine Light and be worthy of eternal blessings, the vegan lifestyle is a MUST!!!

Did I tell you I'm composing melodies on the harp for verses (85 altogether) in the Book of Song of the Universe? (Perek Shira) Aim to post to YouTube eventually, so far am only composing number 5, having wirtten some musical notes for the first four, and still working on recording the first one... harp, voice (singing the verses exactly the way they've been translated into English from the Hebrew) and considering adding the sounds of additional instruments (piano, percussion such as "ocean-drum", chimes, bells, etc.) any ideas or suggestions? Have you ever heard of this compilation? Lots of prophetic texts!!! Extremely spiritual by nature proving all creatures have the instinct to Praise the Lord!!! (in their own way, of course, their own "voices!") but ALL of them are heard!!! Human animals can learn a lesson from this experience, as well, which is why I chose to invent these melodies and compose the music to accompany these wonderful lyrics...

Will write more in my next email responding to your other message, as well, Frank... thanks again for all of your help in this very touching and moving accomplishment (Bat-Mitzvah)...



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