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By Janine - 13 Oct 2015

In Reference to: 11 October 2015 - Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Dear Frank,

So glad you wrote: "Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Great topic, Frank!

Guess what? My vegan Bat Mitzvah on 10/10 at 10:00 went exceedingly well!

Was so surprised and glad when one member of the congregants had voiced how he disagreed (in general) with our Judeo-vegan viewpoint by using the word "dominion" over animals, and happy to hear another member in the congregation stick up (even though she was not Judeo vegan) and say that it was incorrectly translated, that it did NOT mean "dominion" but "caring for," instead! Obviously if you care for or care about an individual (human or non-human animal) you CANNOT condone causing it pain or suffering, right? So happy with the outcome...

Am planning to write up something about the event in the future, not ready to do that yet, want to get feedback from others first...

About the vegan meal following the services, strangely enough something very odd happened. Even though I'd explained there were ONLY vegan ingredients on the buffet-style table, those who were vegan avoided the "fake-smoked-salmon" because it looked TOO real, (someone had taken the wrapper off, I had to bring it in from the kitchen to prove what the ingredients were) and those who were not vegan, ate it, and would have sworn it WAS the real thing, they thought they were eating real lox! There was Kosher Vegan cream cheese also, that was a great favorite...

Anyway, it's not only about the food, although many people put great emphasis on that... The talk was very well understood and I handed out literature, including A Sacred Duty (you've seen that DVD or film on YouTube, haven't you, Frank, already?) and as a result, the person in charge asked if I wouldn't mind preparing vegan food, on a regular basis! They meet twice a month only, not every week, so that wouldn't be difficult to do...

A friendly VEGAN Rabbi is doing research with me! Am so thrilled and honored. His Father in Law has discovered many HUNDREDS of years ago, there were living VEGAN Jews, who were amazing...

More later.



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