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By Janine - 15 Feb 2016

In Reference to: 14 February 2016 - Every Good Thing Comes from Heaven

Dear Frank,

Hoping you had a special Valentine's Day! Wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your most inspiring sermon, particularly since we had recently shared something about this topic, was it something about goodness???...here's my comment on this sermon:

Bravo, magnificent.
Full of talent and very creative of you.
Best viewpoint, ever! 
Excellent explanation of goodness!

What would you think about the incredible connection, Frank, between the three "root" letters of the word time (z, m and n) and to invite? (made up also z, m and n)? Sometimes I find interesting correlations, but not too sure about this one...

The point here, is that what is extremely important is how we feel about emotional revelations or anything for that matter, for example when we feel good, could we be we feeling good partially because the goodness is Godly and we appreciate that it has been a gift from God? How does goodness apply to time?

Time is something we can do alone, or invite someone to share time together, spending the time in close proximity, something we can recall later on, and keep in our collection of memories, enjoying the goodness of these special moments...

Maybe that's what invitations are all about? Asking someone to share time? Or something else? Any other clues as to the connections between the word time and the word invite?



Hugs and Smiles,

xo  xo


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