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By Pastor Pete - 29 Feb 2016

In Reference to: 16 February 2014 - Killing Animals is Murder of the Innocent

"Even if we believe that God commanded sacrifice, which He didnít, killing animals is murder of the innocent; because if we have such a strong respect and reverence for the Lord, we would never do the things that would require such a sacrifice."

You must be kidding, right? God never commanded his people to slaughter animals? I canít even believe Iím sending you this email, such a fact is so obvious and well established in the Bible, it isnít even worth an ounce of effort to prove. Oh, and by the way, God also commanded the annihilation of certain wicked people groups, at least on a few rare occasion, in order to mete out judgment and rid society of the filth and stench of gross moral degradation, so you have an even more serious problem on your hands when it comes to sound, biblical theology.

Iím off to eat some fried chicken.

Pastor Pete


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