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By Janine - 6 Apr 2016

In Reference to: 3 April 2016 - Our Salvation Praise

Dear Frank,

There were many pearls of wisdom in your recent post of 3rd of April, in the newsletter, but, in particular, because of my interest in composing melodies for the harp and singing portions of verses from Song of the Universe, I simply wanted to express my appreciation to you for including especially the following verse:

3. Praise Him with trumpet sound; Praise Him with harp and lyre. 

Reading the above verse once again, although I've read it in the past, suddenly opened my eyes in view of what you were writing before and after this verse, Frank...

You see, suddenly I see another way I can express my gratitude to our G-d, because I just realized that I simply CAN do this, although for the past year or so I have had greatest difficulties with being motivated to compose and issues with finding quiet moments to concentrate, including the struggle to get to my music therapy classes (teacher yet again postponed today's class, not sure why) but I am also in music therapy to heal my mind from the TBI (think I'd mentioned that to you in the past) sorry for the repetition, it's just that many of us individuals (myself included) fail to remember to count our blessings and say Thank-G-d for the opportunities to simply express this appreciation, and we could all take a page out of your book in which you spell things out for us so clearly, Frank, that I want you to know your words are being heard by me very intently, carefully, and with open ears and more importantly, an open mind eager to heal and offer others a method of healing through my harp playing and singing, as well. My goal is to play for senior citizens in old age homes and hospices and/or hospitals, and offer healing sounds, and continue to Praise G-d for the healing powers I've been blessed with!

Did I send you that link I created on YouTube to the first segment of Songs of Universe verses, Frank? (about half-a-minute-long only)?



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