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By Eunice - 20 Jun 2016

In Reference to: 23 September 1990 - STANDING IN THE GAP

To Frank and Mary Hoffman:

Thank you for replying to my mail.

I visited your web site and was amazed of what i read especially about animals, this statement touched me more:

“The Church needs to recognize the horrible suffering inflicted upon farmed animals in factory farming operations and slaughterhouses, and stop serving the flesh and bodily secretions of these tortured animals at church functions.”

The slaughter of animals to us has been very normal, no function can go on without slaughter, we had a fund drive for our church construction on July 10th 2016, main meal is meat and chicken. The information I have read has completely changed my thinking; I know one person can transform others I want to know more of what you are doing so that I can be a catalyst to save animals from brutality.

God bless you all,

Pastor Eunice - Africa

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