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By Craig Cline - 23 Jun 2016

In Reference to: 19 June 2016 - Christian Indifference Part 2

Hi Frank and Veda,

Frank, I've read both segments of your sermon on "Christian indifference."  I very much agree with you that the vast majority of self-proclaimed Christians are indifferent to the suffering of others, including -- especially -- the "animal others."   

And for their actions, and inactions, both direct and indirect, I believe them to be both immoral and unethical -- abandoning the moral and ethical precept contained in "their" Golden Rule -- the rule that they "own."

You say below that "all who are filled with Christian indifference and hardness of heart will be rejected by God, for all of heaven is reserved for the peacemaking children of God who have repented of their former earthly ways."

While I appreciate that your assertion appears on the all-creatures.org site, and may be shared to some extent, it is "in all the Christian churches" where this assertion must be made and heard.  Otherwise you are, sadly, mostly preaching to the choir.

Here's a quote that I think you will agree with:  "There is nothing harder than the softness of indifference;" by Juan Montalvo.

And another:  "We have committed the Golden Rule to memory; let us now commit it to life;" by Edwin Markham.

Both of these quotes should be added to your sentiments, and "preached" non-stop to the Christian ministers and their respective flocks.

And organizations like the CVA should be very active in getting this message "out there" to Christians, I think you'll agree.

Best wishes,

Craig Cline

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