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By Janine - 26 Jun 2016

In Reference to: 26 June 2016 - Heavenly Freedom

Dear Frank,

Enjoyed reading your sermon now, even more so, Frank, since yesterday at Synagogue there was a recitation of what many consider to be the most "Anti-meat" Biblical Reading of all of the Torah Portions, and this one was entitled "Beha'alotcha" and by the way, there are several interpretations of this Hebrew word, but it could simply mean upon your ascension (spiritual going-up, or becoming attuned to receiving divine and heavenly soulful revelations!!!)

So you see, Frank, why this was Perfect Timing Frank- Heavenly Freedom - 26jun16? I have had a meeting with some important people this week, and we are putting into motion the annual event of the spiritual VEGAN Sabbath!!! Imagine that.

Each year, it will fall on the approximate date that you wrote this sermon, and that "Beha'alotcha" Torah portion is read. (That's the one with the story of the quail, meat rotting between teeth, graves of lust, and it is quite descriptive and if only people understood it better, the world would certainly be a better place to live and all animals would have heavenly freedom)!



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