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By Janine - 31 Jul 2016

In Reference to: 31 July 2016 - Spiritual Examination

Dear Frank

Have been struggling lately with my conviction to go on a Spiritual modified type of fast, since fasting is extremely challenging, and instead, had opted to adopt a "milder" or more moderate form of fasting, also known as "juice-feasting"... However, had been having moments of cravings, and succumbed to having to interrupt my program, and started praying for inspiration, which came from YOU, Frank, which I appreciate tremendously!

Now that I have just read your sermon, once again, I wish to resume my program, precisely because your profusely inspiring sermon is exactly what I attribute to my being able to start afresh, despite my wavering inclination to be unsure of my path! You most certainly answered my prayers for guidance and spiritual inspiration, Frank.

Looking into discovering more prayers and spiritual affirmations, reminds me that I needed to be more  thankful of your help, because you continue to offer such perfectly timed interpretation of suitable quotes, as always.

Your willingness to offer assistance without even knowing how special your tireless Biblical sharing and caring means to me, who loves to read what you write and find great satisfaction in making what you suggest real in my life by recognizing different levels of prayers at differing intervals, is totally amazing, Frank!

One can always turn to your sermons at any time to find the "right" passage for any circumstance! You offer just the right sermons at the right time!!!

Bravo! Your current suggestion for a path to follow when on a spiritual re-examination is brilliant! Just what I needed...

Now, I am resuming my formerly begun program afresh, with a newer start-date, and hope to finish it this time, more successfully! Knowing that I am doing the right thing, by following-through with my convictions, I am again, grateful to you, once again, for pointing out these very relevant verses, that are intensely encouraging to me, and comforting, at the same time! 

I realize that I am not alone, that G-d is with me, and that you are an influential angel guiding me along the path. Congratulations!!!



Love and Smiles,


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