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By Janine - 1 Aug 2016

In Reference to: 31 July 2016 - Spiritual Examination

Dear Frank,
Yes, I would LOVE to communicate via Skype. Shall figure out a timeframe that works nicely with you, as well, based on the time-zone differences, etc., etc...
Meanwhile, just wishing to share a revelation, based on the fact that I had received a significant realization, Frank, based on what you have just told me about fasting! I made a connection between the physical act of doing a fast, and the physical act that a human being might make, for example, when in the midst of prayer...
There are certainly those individuals who pray ardently, and at the same time, there might be many who, while they are putatively praying, their mind cannot help but wander, and as a result, they might be a bit distracted, and not fully focused on the powerful WORDS of the prayer when they are praying, and therefore might miss some of its meaning, or intention, or spiritual significance...
Could it be, Frank, that there is a similarity between one who fasts, while doing so as a ritual, while the objective of the fast might be lost in the process? Comparing this realization, similarly, to the situation in which one who thinks they are praying with intent, might end up merely to appear outwardly (from other people's point of view observing them) to be praying in vain; their lips moving silently, but their eyes don't look "soft" or whatever it is that the eyes are supposed to appear like when fully "into" the prayer mode?
I "see" that it is not the act of the fast itself that brings one closer to G-d, and I think that what you said Frank, serves further to inspire me on my spiritual journey and to not be so discouraged! Thanks for pointing that out, about the act of fasting itself!
Here's another question I'd like to pose to you personally, Frank. (It's perfectly alright, Frank, if you wish not to respond to it, though, but here goes):
Is it shameful to acknowledge what one has been through at any stages of their past, and up until the present time, as far as how far they have come since they had first started to become interested in making a stronger connection to G-d, or should ones spiritual closeness be a secret only to be shared with G-d and oneself, for fear of sounding "boastful," Frank? It would appear to me that being cognizant of ones sincere efforts and not being afraid to pat oneself on the back, so to speak, for making certain progress, might help steer one in the right direction, while preventing, possibly, their losing their way (so to speak) and straying even further from the path, knowing that what they have done is valued, and it's worth continuing and not giving up hope?
What do I mean? Often one might be discouraged for seemingly "failing" and need encouragement to venture back on the road once more, and to try to refocus!!!
How would you describe how YOU first became attuned to the spirit of G-d, Frank, and what led you to the connection between a human who is aware of G-dliness, and a non-human animal, who is also attuned to the ways of the Lord? In many references we are reminded how special each sentient being is, and how all have souls, and that we are all capable of prayer just as non-human animals pray and express their souls' yearning for Divinity in their own special ways, and we read parables and poetry, many of which can be found in the book of Song of the Universe!
Do you have a copy of this book, Frank, Song of the Universe? I think I once shared it with the group, and got a few lovely comments for example I remember one, in particular, at how we humans can take an example from non-human animals who have this pure privilege of being blessed with the Spirit of G-d instantaneously, whether they open their beaks in song, or emit sonar as do the dolphins, or echo-location as in bats, or whatever it is when employing their very own method at communicating their praises to G-d and joyous reverence for life!
I think I shared one piece (very short, only about half a minute long) that I had uploaded on YouTube, it was "The Heavens Say..." but I got "stuck" and haven't really been able to continue, which is one of the reasons I decided to do this program to get back on track, so to speak, for I had originally planned to compose about 84 such pieces (all very short) which is how the format of the structure of the book of Song of the Universe is written, each blessed creature in his (or her) own way singing praises to G-d, and I wanted Divine Inspiration to continue composing!!!
Here's a link to my first such composition, Frank:
It's so short, that directly when it's over, it "rolls-over" to someone else's video (which is longer) don't know how to change that situation, though... Any ideas?
In appreciation,

Blessings and Love,
Hugs, and Smiles and Laughter,


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