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By Janine - 7 Dec 2016

In Reference to: 4 December 2016 - Christmastime Journey

Dear Frank,

(1.) Now, here's the first part of this email, Frank:

I LOVE your Christmas prayer! Am going to be singing the Halleluyah by Hendel with the choir of the University where I'm studying and am looking forward to making new friends, again with additional students joining in. 

Last week we sang "Jingle Bells" in our little Sing-Along group, called: Trebled Minds! This small group of about a dozen or so participants, Frank, has people who suffer (as I do) from the side effects of having had a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and those with Alzheimer's, or Parkingson's Disease, and more… we sing as a little group at the MTWC (Music Therapy Wellness Clinic) in the Music Department on campus weekly and will be putting on a performance next week for the public.

...and last year our CSUN main choir with about eighty or so singers (divided into segments: soprano, alto, tenor and bass) did Mozart's Requiem… death and destruction and end-of-life thoughts are sometimes contrasted with hope and encouragement, and blessings, as your prayer indicates, which is why I like it so much, Frank, and commend you for being extremely talented and gifted in spreading the vegan message universally!

May I have permission from you, Frank, for me to include your prayer in the cards I am planning to send out this Season, please? I will properly quote it as being taken from you sermon and then shall give a link to your Web site in which the whole sermon can be found!!!

<< We are to help end the horrible corruption of the world with all its violence, pain, suffering, bloodshed, and death being inflicted upon all living beings.   We are to eat only the plant foods that God created for us and commanded us to eat in Eden.    We are to remain true to God’s heavenly will here on earth as it is in heaven where there is no longer any pain, or suffering, or death.   We are to be the peacemaking children of God.   Join us on our Christmastime journey.   Amen. >>

(2.)  I'd also wish to please communicate about the differences between certain concepts when it comes to these following words, Frank:

one's vibrant spirit, 

our innermost essence, 

and the blessed soul, (allowing us to more closely connect with God)

...and also the

Holy Ghost, 

...and some of the word etymology leading to the "roots" of certain words, their origins, and what might be gained by translations from other languages such as Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc., etc…

Thanks for sharing your insights on these important elements. I also wish to find out how you two meditate, and do you concentrate on the breath? I recently learned about "Vase breathing" in which one visualizes the in-breath filling up a vessel similar to a vase, and the base of this vase is in the lower portion of the abdomen, as opposed to expanding the chest, it's not just filling up the lungs with air that is what happens when we breathe in naturally, but if we're more relaxed we can take deeper fuller breaths. 

When stressed, Frank, possibly our breaths are more shallow and only expand the chest (upper) area, as opposed to achieving maximum capacity with adequate lowering (pulling down) of the diagram, that makes a bigger space for the lungs to properly swell up with much needed air, and having more air inhaled, probably allows for more oxygen absorption it is believed.

What do you think of the above?

Thanks for your attention. I appreciate our being in touch tremendously!!!



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