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By Janine - 16 Dec 2016

In Reference to: 11 December 2016 - Evil People Corrupt Creation

Dear Frank,

WOW!!! You said it precisely, explaining about LOVE, (I see it as one of the "highest" forms of emotion, don't you?)... and I couldn't agree with you more, Frank, about needing more love, in order to feel true spontaneous happiness, and peace! Well written. and thanks again for the compliments, Frank, about my comments to you. 

Once again, Frank, I wanted to express to you honestly that I am truly amazed at how well you write. For it all seems so crystal clear when you explain it with G-d's grace, of course, Frank. 

You are truly blessed with a discerning spirit that can sense how to elucidate and make things that otherwise might seem complicated, appear easy and concise! Thanks for your time, efforts, and energies!!!

Now, I hope you don't mind my following suggestion, Frank, but I really do think that possibly a sermon about LOVE is "in the air" so to speak, don't you? It's SUCH am amazing word/concept, "LOVE," isn't it? Can you make, therefore, "love," the topic of a sermon, then, Frank, if you feel inclined to do so? Of course, bearing in mind, only if it is G-d's will for you to write such a sermon and be inspired to let G-d's love flow as you quote loving verses from the Bible and compile this sermon, if it's the right time to do so, please? Do you ever get "special requests" for particular sermons Frank?

Frank, I feel a lot of love in the environment at the moment, and have just had a word of gratitude expressed to me by a fellow student by the name of David, whom I encouraged to put on his performance with lots of "LOVE," and he just told me that he passed his recital following my advice, and thanked me for my prayers for his being accepted! (Am writing this from school in the Music Department)… lots of students here coming and going all the time in the computer lab… I shall be looking forward to reading your next sermon tremendously, Frank!!! I'm influencing this student, David, to become vegan and to join your mailing list!!! Meanwhile, I also wanted to share with you a true story, Frank, about an incredibly gorgeous cat.

I named her "LOVELY!"

Usually, when stray wild cats venture into our half-an-acre garden, the "residential" cats (our pets) who are both indoor and outdoor pets (going freely through their cat doors respectively) chase them away and have a "cat fight" over their claimed territory. However, not so with this unusual cat. ...

You see, Lovely, who is totally black (all over) has such an incredibly thick bushy tail, that they refrain from "messing" with her! She looks rather like the silhouette of a Maine Coon cat, although she is not nearly as big as the typical Maine Coon, and I don't think I've seen any black Maine Coon cats, either, Frank. Lovely has such very deep-set piercing yellow-green eyes and runs away from all humans, but the other cats totally ignore her, as if she is not even there, and she is not afraid of them at all, either! 

Whenever she is not intimidated by people, she sits alongside the other cats, patiently waiting for them to finishing eating their fill, and then she promptly finishes any scraps that they graciously leave over for her! 

Her appearance was so lovely, that instantaneously I felt that the name "LOVELY" suited her very well. Is that an appropriate name for a cat, do you think? About popular songs, one of the Beatles songs has the phrase, "All you need is LOVE! --- Love is all you need!" Love,


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