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By Janine - 4 Jan 2017

In Reference to: 1 January 2017 - People Blinding Themselves

Dearest Frank,

Yes, I like your definition, Frank, "Hearing the MUSIC, knowingly..."

... and after re-reading what you had written in your most recent email to me again, Frank, I realize that you said that you'd like to hear this music, and I have a brilliant thought about the connection between music and our ability to hear it...

You know, how when you sometimes need to see something far away that you sometimes squint? Partially "closing" the eyes, it follows, seem to "open up" the "inner" eye, so to speak, for more of a "vision" or a deeper view...

Maybe, similarly, when we wish to "hear" this music, we need to delve deep down inside, to "quieten" down the other extraneous sounds that are just "noise." ---  

I got an "insight" about this music, and I think that it "comes" to us (like to a composer who is "creating" the melody) when we take a "vase-breath" (this is the term used for a special type of deep breathing during which time one inhales by expanding downwards and outwards fully visualizing the volume increasing) and it is generally speaking somewhat like the shape of a vase (when the diaghram moves in a downward direction creating more space for air to fill the inner cavities of our bodies) and the difference is that while all of this is happening, we are simply


Does any of the above make sense? When we can hear the love, then this love sounds like music to our ears.

Shakespeare said,

"If music be the food of love,

Play on!"

Hope I am guided by this thought of being bathed in loving light that is so full of love that it is accompanied by pleasant and relaxing and soothing sound waves. This afternoon, a different scenario unfolded: 

Someone who was sharing a meal with me, this afternoon, told a story of a relative of hers who was insensitive to the plants outdoors, and had inadvertently poured hot oil from her frying pan outside into the ivy bushes, and heard the ivy SCREAM in pain, and never did that again!

How do we express our love filled with music, Frank? How do we put the love into the music? What comes first?


Hugs, Kisses, Smiles, Laughter

xo xo


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