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By Janine - 18 Jan 2017

In Reference to: 15 January 2017 - Serving Jesus Christ

Dear Frank and Mary,

Your passion is to preach Christianity, and encourage all mankind to realize it is Jesus' way to adopt our vegan precious lifestyle, and to TRULY believe with all our hearts that good will come out of our example of being a light unto the nation not just as you mentioned in Israel, but all over the world. When I exclaimed how wonderful the recent news about the success in Israel with their vegan initiatives in the elementary and high schools, the response from the person organizing the talk was that it was his hopes that all over the world in schools this will begin happening, as well! It is YOU who are instrumental in this continent to

Am so proud of you, Frank, for having this compassionate passion, living your life purpose, (these sermons are greatly appreciated, and am grateful to you, for your insights and sticking to it without getting "stuck!" and for persevering when the times are rough and it is difficult to understand what to write, but since you have such a well-defined purpose, and are blessed with this gift of Jesus loving you and the kindness from the Lord smiling upon you by giving you this talent, your success is possibly measured by the following, and spreading of your holy sermons, by those who read it, understand, agree, and act accordingly for this is G-d's will that we all become vegan as it is written and you are the interpreter so to speak, showing us kindly, gently and ever-so-positively with enthusiasm, great passion and this produces results that are amazing!!!

Keep staying focused and continue doing exactly what you're doing, this is a marvelous activity for which you are eternally blessed, Frank! You are paired up with Mary because Mary never fails to inspire you, as well, with her support and being part of your moving foundation. I believe you are accomplishing miracles, one step at a time, with each sermon you write and share with others!!!



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