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By Janine - 30 Jan 2017

In Reference to: 29 January 2017 - Seeing Through Glorified Evil

Dear Frank and Mary

I had previously sent you an email in which I thanked you for your latest sermon about seeing through the evil and the false prophet or ways of those who paint a different picture for achieving their own personal agendas and furthering their evil actions by explaining them away making them out to be heroes or  stars, or elevating themselves so that others see them as being worthy upstanding and righteous rather than evil-doers...

Cannibalism described, Non-Fiction, true story, demonstrates your latest sermon, Frank

they were so "into" this evil doing
bad news

"justifying" their evil doings

Just what you were talking about...

Anyone can make up 'glorifying' excuses for carrying out heinous actions especially like this one, in the heart of the sea; also reminded me of the movie Airplane where they resorted to cannibalism, as well... 


P.S. Am wondering when, if at all, it might become possible for you to be able to leave your comments under anyone's YouTube video? This might be extremely helpful if you wish to get your view across!!!

Thanks again for writing your excellent most recent sermon!



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