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By Janine - 13 Feb 2017

In Reference to: 12 February 2017 - Jealousy, Strife, Lacking Love

Dear Frank and Mary,
I enjoyed reading your sermon, Frank, especially mentioning the BLAME issue...  
I have a question, now, please, as follows:
How can we "Avoid Playing God?" Maybe this could be a good future topic for a sermon?
You see, there are certain individuals who are bent on blaming others, instead of looking at their own actions, which we have the power to change, and blaming someone else for bringing the wrath of G-d upon them, and not on themselves, when doesn't G-d judge us by our own actions and not by the actions that other people do? (am trying to understand the content of the word "blame" and need help with this thought).
Why did this idea come up, to begin with, Frank? Well, yesterday I was on my way to a funeral (someone was driving me there) and on the way we stopped at someone's house, and they handed my friend a piece of paper from one of their 12-Step programs of recovery which had prayers in it: "G-d, I offer myself to Thee to build with me, and to do with me as Thou wilt...MayI do Thy Will Always" and also ten steps to "How to Avoid Playing God..." what was suggested was as follows, but is this enough, and are there any scriptures that support these thoughts, do you think?
Are any of the following examples of someone who's blaming another being, by the way, when they are not following one of the following pieces of advice of how to avoid playing G-d?
1. Offer no advice, unless asked
2. Listen to other people's dreams, and help them in the way they wish to be helped
3. Encourage them to find their own strength
4. Reserve judgement at all times
5. Admit you don't know ALL the answers, surrender to G-d to find another way...
6. Build confidence in the other person so that his own judgment becomes clearer
7. Have faith in the overall rightness of G-d's purpose (for US?) in this world and the next.  
8. Dwell on what is right instead of what is wrong. MOST POWERFUL!
9. Realize the core of Divine being in each person and respect it
10. Never discount the other person's good intentions and look at the positive side, and positive attributes,

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