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By Sean - 13 Jun 2017

In Reference to: 11 June 2017 - Love Fulfills Biblical Law


A portion of your most recent sermon says, “Love sets us free”. Sometimes, I’m not so sure. I mean I can tell you from personal experience that those on both my parents’ sides of the family have pure intentions, but are so hooked in what is “tradition” to them, but is what you would describe as “worldly corruption” or something.

I mean, not too long after the Fourth of July, I am flying East with Dad to attend this family reunion in Pennsylvania, and it feels a mixture of a grand opportunity to see familiar faces, and a Fool’s Errand, considering what they enjoy eating as if they’re from Heaven but it’s no Heavenly experience for the animals to be reduced to a meal or snack!

Months after that, my sister is getting married and I think I’m the only vegan in the family let alone the number of Wedding witnesses.

I don’t know how to delicately ask them to cater a reception or arrange a party this summer to my likely without sounding bratty!


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