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By Janine - 10 Jul 2017

In Reference to: 9 July 2017 - Trusting God

Dear Frank and Mary,

Yes, I agree, your words are quite correct, and you're right to make this statement

What am I referring to, "statement?" I mean the ending in your signature of each email you send out... stating that in order for G-d to bless America, and the Earth, what WE can do, then, is for us to each individually go VEGAN! This is our power of being able to have the freedom to change!

Being on a spiritual path is a constant struggle, not only to stay focused, try to inspire others, but to work on my own journey and not get distracted...

Tomorrow is a minor fast, (Fast of Tamuz) and in three weeks is Fast of Tisha B'Av. During these 21 days I challenged myself to go on a spiritual path also, so will not be online probably busy praying...

Speaking of prayers...sorry to hear that you don't have any Orthodox Synagogues in your area, and was questioning whether that means that maybe you might have either of a conservative or reform type, instead, or maybe even of another denomination, possibly?

Sometimes I get invited to "interfaith" types of gathering where more than one kind of believers pray all together, despite having different faiths! This is very interesting, showing respect and being responsible for encouraging peace!

Now, if we could all humans agree not to discriminate against non-human animals that would be ideal, wouldn't it?


Hugs, and Smiles,

xo xo


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