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By Phil - 29 Sep 2017

In Reference to: 24 September 2017 - Heavenly Living

Hello Pastor Frank:

Thank you for faithfully presenting these sermons to the compassionate church on the internet.

I read your sermon on Sunday morning, while at a coffee shop, and before attending the service of the church that I have attended irregularly since moving to Toronto.  Perhaps I should not have read the sermon at that time, because it thereby created an inevitable comparison between what I read and what I later heard.

The service included voting on a motion to hire the assistant pastor as the new senior pastor.  After twenty years of faithful service, the founding pastor was moving on.  The vote was 90% in favour, a thankful sign of congregational unity, as opposed to some of the fiascos that have occurred when some other Baptist churches have voted to call pastors.

The current senior pastor (the "senior senior pastor"?) then gave an announcement about the upcoming 20th. anniversary banquet.  It would be catered by Swiss Chalet, a popular chain of restaurants.  The pastor then announced both the "early bird" and regular priced tickets.  He then joked about the irony of the expression "early bird" being used in association with the restaurant chain that is synonymous with chicken cuisine in this area .

Reading your sermon, before hearing a pastor joking about the slaughter of birds, demonstrated how utterly tragic a mistake the church has made by copying the foolish dietary ways of the world and not "living in the heavenly will of God here on earth."

Best regards


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